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Following NGO Services and Helps are available

1.  Food        

2. Water Hut        

3. Cloths - Apparel, Blankets        

4. Medicines - Drugs, Hospitals Guidance,  Disease Guidance, Doctors Guidance        

5. Body Donation - Blood Donation, Red-cross, Eye donation, Organ donations        

6. Knowledge - Guidelines, Websites, Libraries, Classes        

7. Home Donation - Make Homes, Asylums, Shelters, Old Age Education, Night Schools 

8. Money Donation - Scholarships, Dumb- Deaf, Animals, Social Service, Country Service, World

    service, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Floods, Storms, Marriages, Kariyavar, Books, Fees, Cloths

9. Environmental Charity - Trees, Planting, Making Garden, making Roads, Generate electricity, Waste

     clearance  Make Air pure, Maintain Atmosphere

10. Counseling & Guidelines - Addiction, Suicide prevention, Jobs Education,

       Happiness - Motivation  Suffering Guidelines, Depression Yoga - Pranayama 

11. Social Charity - Children Adoption, Adopting  Children's organization, NGO      

12. Life Donation - Spiritual Guidance   

          Please contact us who want to donate their Money, Time, Energy, Work or type of services -
Contact us


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