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Following NGO Services and Helps are available

1.    To arrange food, Cloths - Apparel, Blankets, Medicines and provide medical consultancy to socially
   Backward and needy people to socially uplift them.

2.    To build and run Homes / Asylums / Shelters for Homeless, Old-age persons.

3.    To run Schools, Libraries or conduct classes / Special training programme or run online knowledge

       portal for needy people and old age person to educate them so that they can earn livelihood and also
   contribute to sustainable development of Country.

4.    To conduct camps for Blood donation, Organ donation, Eye Donation or engage in any other capacity
   with national or international agencies / NGOs / Body corporate for this purpose.

5.    To provide Donation / Scholarship or provide financial assistance in any other form to Dumb, Deaf or
   other physically challenged person or Financially week person

6.    To provide assistance in any possible form in the event of natural or manmade calamity anywhere
   in the world.

7.    To conduct Counseling / Awareness programme or Motivational classes relating to prevention of
   Depression, Suicide, Addiction etc.

8.    To conduct Classes / Seminars / Symposium or any other form of program or run school / institute of
   Yoga and also promoting yoga for instilling habits of  healthy life in public and conducting  Spiritual
   Programs .

9.    To conduct programs for Tree plantation, Gardening, Generating electricity from waste for clear

10.  And doing of all such other lawful things as considered necessary for the furtherance of the above


The objects of the company extend to the whole of world.


Detailed Services



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